Intuitive Machines NovaC CLPS Lunar Lander

Intuitive Machines has selected Flexitech Aerospace to provide RF communications engineering analysis and hardware for the NovaC CLPS Lunar Lander. Flexitech Aerospace will provide mission RF communications analysis and systems design as well as antennas and RF ground support equipment for the Lander. Planned for launch in 2021 the NovaC Lander will carry experiments to the moon surface and the radio link will relay results from those experiments back to earth. Work has already started on the hardware for the lander and through this year integration and test of the RF communications systems will move from engineering model to flight hardware.

Kevin Jackson, CTO of Flexitech Aerospace said, “We are extremely proud to be supporting Intuitive Machines on this exciting mission. Our team is looking forward to working on the program and seeing it successfully complete its mission on the surface of the moon”.

About Flexitech Aerospace

Flexitech Aerospace is an RF engineering company providing analysis, design and manufacturing of satellite RF communications systems and components. Located in Orlando, FL, Flexitech Aerospace has successfully developed and manufactured a wide range of RF systems and components including deployable antennas that are now in-orbit, ground test equipment and ground stations.

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About Intuitive Machines

Founded in 2013, Intuitive Machines was formed from practical experience in large, complex space systems development.  The people of Intuitive Machines blend deep technical knowledge with practices honed over 40 years of human spaceflight; practices in risk-based decision-making, redundancy management, fault tolerance and isolation, safety, reliability, maintainability, verification testing, and operations.



Intuitive Machines NovaC lunar lander

Intuitive Machines NovaC lunar lander