Flexitech Antenna Deployed into LEO on the Falcon 9, SS0-A

Flexitech Wideband Antenna Deployed into LEO on the Falcon 9, SS0-A Mission

On December 3, 2018, Flexitech Aerospace’s very wideband Cavity Backed Spiral Antenna was deployed in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) on the largest dedicated rideshare mission, SSO-A SmallSat Express, that deployed 64 satellites. Supporting satellite payload operations, the antenna is providing continuous coverage across the radio spectrum from 2 to 15GHz. The antenna has the unique capability to provide communications in any part of the covered spectrum, for narrow or wideband communications, with a hemispheric pattern. Its wideband capability and its small size, fitting within the deployment mechanism on a 3U satellite, makes this a compact and very capable antenna for a range of satellite missions.

Kevin Jackson, CTO at Flexitech Aerospace said “we developed this range of unique Cavity Backed Spiral antennas for use in satellites applications ground stations and, where wideband coverage of spectrum is a requirement. We are very excited to play a key role for this on the SSO-A launch”.

Flexitech Aerospace is a space communications system design and RF engineering company. It provides analysis, design and manufacturing of RF systems and components to support satellite development, manufacturing and in-orbit operations.

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