Firefly Selects Flexitech to Provide RF Engineering Support

Firefly Aerospace has selected Flexitech Aerospace to provide RF communications system engineering support for the Firefly Alpha launch vehicle.

Flexitech Aerospace is providing an end-to-end analysis and design of RF communication systems and components for the Firefly Alpha launch vehicle. It includes identifying technical solutions for both the vehicle and ground system to support launch operations and testing. In addition, Flexitech Aerospace is providing ground support equipment hardware for lab and vehicle testing activities. This will verify the radio link performance during development for launch and early orbit operations.

Kevin Jackson, CTO at Flexitech Aerospace said “we are very excited to play a key role in Firefly’s Alpha mission success. Our RF engineering team is proud to support the dedicated and skilled engineering team at Firefly during the design and flight of the Alpha launch vehicle”

Flexitech Aerospace is a space communications system design and RF engineering company. It provides analysis, design and manufacturing of RF systems and components to support satellite development, manufacturing and in-orbit operations.