Successful Deployment of Kestrel Eye Block IIM Satellite

Adcole Maryland Aerospace, LLC (AMA) and Quantum Research International, Inc. on the successful launch and deployment of the Kestrel Eye Block IIM. The microsatellite is in orbit and functioning well following deployment from the International Space Station. The Kestrel Eye imaging satellite is the first on-orbit demonstration of an envisioned Department of Defense (DOD) constellation that may someday provide enhanced situational awareness to users on the ground through direct communications with tactical satellites under theater control.

The mission operations team was able to communicate with Kestrel Eye on the first available pass less than four hours after deployment of the satellite.

Kestrel Eye Block IIM is designed to meet the US Government’s increasing demand for enhanced space capability in times of limited budgets. The superior affordability of end-to-end microsatellite space solutions will help both government customers and private industry realize their mission goals in accelerated timeframes at a fraction of the cost of traditional space systems.

Approved for public release; distribution unlimited, SMDC PA #8010 dtd 29 Jan 2018.

Flexitech Aerospace congratulates Adcole Maryland Aerospace on the success of the Kestrel Eye mission. Flexitech Aerospace is the exclusive consultant to Adcole Maryland Aerospace for all matters pertaining to communications systems and RF engineering.

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