Satellite & Communications System for the BU CuPID Satellite

Flexitech Aerospace has been selected to provide analysis and design of RF communication systems used on Boston University’s CuPID mission.

The Cusp Plasma Imaging Detector (CuPID) satellite provides a soft X-ray imager platform in Low Earth Orbit (LEO).   CuPID will observe space plasma processes that are important for our understanding of space weather.  Plasma accelerated by these processes can collide with Earth’s upper atmosphere, and these collisions produce X-rays; CuPID will measure these X-rays to provide previously inaccessible answers to questions about the large-scale properties of Earth’s space environment.

As well as providing the communications system analysis and design, Flexitech Aerospace is also manufacturing the deployable antenna and associated electronics on the satellite as well as the supporting ground station. Installation and test of the ground station was recently completed and is ready to support the satellite mission operations. A fully automated system, the ground station provides automated tracking and communications over extended periods without the need for operator support.

Boston University CuPIDKevin Jackson, CTO at Flexitech Aerospace said, “We have been working closely with Boston University and their prime contractor Adcole Maryland Aerospace during the analysis, design and manufacturing phase. We are proud to play a critical role in providing the communications equipment for this science mission”

Flexitech Aerospace is a space communications system design and RF engineering company. It provides analysis, design and manufacturing of RF systems and components to support satellite development, manufacturing and in-orbit operations.

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