Connecting Spacecraft to Spectrum

Flexitech Aerospace provides wide-ranging and in-depth knowledge of the satellite industry and its technology trends. As well as supporting market analysis and the future trends we also identify and implement engineering solutions and support mission operations. We work with satellite operators, spacecraft manufacturers, system component design houses and investors on a wide range of projects. As well as providing detailed technical solutions we also implement new designs and identify future industry trends.

We offer the capability to implement communications system design solutions for spacecraft and ground station systems. Our skills base includes performance analysis, system design, integration and test at all stages of the communications system development and spacecraft operations.

Our team has extensive communications system and component level RF design expertise providing technical solutions for demanding satellite applications.

From initial architectural analysis and design through to satellite operation on-orbit, our engineering teams have been responsible for the design, integration and deployment of commercial and government satellites including advanced RF digital signal processing communications systems. The spacecraft and ground system designs we have implemented include analog and digital radios, space and ground antennas as well as the associated subsystems for both small and large satellite applications.

Implementing systems using both satellite and terrestrial communications technology, we have designed communication systems that operate in L, S, C, Ku and Ka-bands. Our designs are successfully operating in-orbit in commercial and government satellites as well as on the International Space Station. If you need assistance during the initial analysis and design phase or implementing a complete RF communications system, as well as all the qualification and EMI/EMC test programs, we can help. Our in-house RF engineering lab provides a comprehensive facility with capabilities to test up to 40Ghz over a wide range of  thermal conditions.

In-house test and verification lab

Flexitech Aerospace In-House Lab