From subsystem level to full system implementation, Flexitech Aerospace offers an end-to-end analysis and design capability for your satellite communications systems engineering needs. We have provided engineering support for a wide range of satellite and ground station applications at LEO, MEO and GEO orbits, from Cube satellites to large spacecraft.

We have extensive experience and expertise in all aspects of communications system design, integration and testing, both on spacecraft and the associated ground station systems. We understand the bandwidth constraints for spacecraft telemetry recovery and the complexity of command and control. Our detailed system performance and link analysis identifies the key design requirements and enables us to optimize your communications path to ensure that your system’s critical downlink data availability is maximized. We then translate that design into hardware, integrated as a system, and then work with you to test and verify that the design meets both the mission needs and regulatory compliance.


Flight RF Network designed and
manufactured by Flexitech Aerospace 

Our in-house engineering lab offers the latest RF test equipment and facilities where we are able to test and verify ground and flight system designs. We can also work with you at your facility to conduct tests with your team on site using our lab equipment.

Some of the key areas we provide expertise and support for are:

  • Ground station and Spacecraft communications system design and manufacture
  • Mission communications requirements analysis
  • Communications link budget analysis
  • System component selection and design
  • Communications system performance verification
  • End-to-end communications system testing with a test-like-you-fly approach
  • Antenna selection and coverage analysis
  • Space qualification and testing
  • EMI/EMC testing
  • Integration and test planning, documentation and execution
  • Test system design and integration
    • Special test equipment design and manufacture
  • Test results reporting and failure analysis
  • System verification and acceptance
  • Regulatory compliance testing and reporting for radio license application support
  • Mission concept of operations (CONOPS)
  • Implementation of digital flexible payload design and applications
  • Use of Software Defined Radio (SDR) in spacecraft and ground station applications
  • Proposal evaluation
  • Project evaluation against business needs
  • Vendor oversight during subsystem development